Behind Closed Doors

Sabrina in a still from the "Behind Closed Doors" documentaryOn March 14, 2016, BBC1 broadcast a documentary, Behind Closed Doors, which followed some of Oxfordshire's High Risk victims and their families from initial contact through the justice and court system. The domestic abuse support workers featured in the programme are part of Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse's team of  Independent Domestic Violence Advisers (IDVAs).

If you've come to our site based on the link from the programme's website, we have a lot of resources on domestic abuse available. 

Are you wondering whether you are experiencing domestic abuse? Take a look at our list of questions.

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About our charity

Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse (RtR) is a small charity which is dedicated to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of adults and children at risk through domestic abuse. We provide the Independent Domestic Violence Advisory (IDVA) service for Oxfordshire. Our IDVAs -- two of whom you'll have seen in the programme -- work intensively with high risk victims of abuse (more than 1,500 adults and their 2,200 children over the past nine years) to ensure their immediate safety and stay alongside them for as long as they need so that they can overcome trauma and rebuild their lives.

The safety of adults and children at risk of harm depends on services working closely together. We train networks of front line staff from a range of organisations to work together to tackle abuse - so that wherever adults and children turn for help they receive safe responsive support and are linked through the networks to the resources they need. There are nearly 1000 active Domestic Abuse Champions across a wide range of agencies and schools in Oxfordshire, and the approach is being rolled out across the Thames Valley and beyond. We're pleased to have won regional and national awards for this work.

We also provide a number of further services including outreach, and support to extend therapeutic resources for children and young people affected through abuse.

Most of our funding comes from charitable trusts, local grants, Comic Relief and donations from members of the public. This money pays for our team of Independent Domestic Violence Advisors as well as our Training and Consultancy staff and Mental Health professional. Funds are of course also targeted directly to victims' needs.

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