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News from Oxford Against Cutting

Our good friends at Oxford Against Cutting have been so busy at this time of year spreading awareness of the issues surrounding Female Genital Mutilation. This is not some minor issue going on in remote parts of the world; this is a very real worldwide problem and a major safeguarding issue.

Welcome to Slough's new DA Champions

Safer Slough Partnership have now asked their local communities, agencies and practitioners about joining the inception of their own network of DA Champs.

Sentencing Council- Child Cruelty/FGM Guidelines Consultation

The Sentencing Council is currently running a 12 week consultation on the above subject and asking for views.

What is the consultation about?

The Council is consulting on a Child Cruelty guideline that will include guidelines for three offences:

Forced Marriage Survivor Speaks out

I found this remarkable presentation online. It is a speech given by Samra Zafar about her life, from a bright teenager in Abu Dabi to being forced into a marriage and life in Canada. She managed to continue to learn and survived her abuse but still carried the baggage of feeling she was a "piece of scum".

Cautioning for Domestic Abuse

In 2012, a trial began in Hampshire which was aimed at addressing domestic abuse by way of cautioning offenders. The prerequisite was no previous history of DA and they had to agree to attend a weekend programme run by Hampshire Constabulary. Should they reoffend, then the matter would be raised to a prosecution and the case would go to Court. Here is the project's abstract:

Terrorism and Murder links to DA

We may have all heard in the press of the link between the individuals who terrorise and/or murder large groups of people and a history of DA. We have raised these issues previously on this site when these tragedies are reported.

New support for Oxfordshire

From September survivors can be referred to 'Power to Change' Programmes.

Oxfordshire and West Berks DA Services are run by A2 Dominion and are moving from the Freedom Programme to an initiative from Women's Aid.

Convicted Perpetrator Cheered at Airport

Following his conviction last week for assaulting his ex partner, actress Stephanie Davis, Jeremy McConnell (a model and contestant from Celebrity Big Brother) was cheered by several people at Dublin airport. 

Familial murders are domestic abuse

Having just read through a number of press reports, I notice a lack of recognition that familial murders are classified as domestic abuse. I just want to highlight that domestic abuse is not just about intimate partner violence, it also includes close family relationships.

The two recent incidents of note are:

Training Events from OSARCC

responding to disclosures of sexual violence- 1 day training

This training is aimed at anybody who may come across disclosures of this form of abuse and is delivered by our friends at OSARCC on a very sensitive issue. Having experienced this training, we would recommend it to anybody in a public facing role.

DA rises in London, as cuts are made to DA services

There has been a lot of frustration nationally within public facing services that local cuts are impacting on victims. The cuts are affecting early intervention, assessment and management of risk as well as refuge spaces and community based support for victims of DA.

Twelve Signs of DA

We found this impactive video about DA on Vimeo which would be very useful to creat discussion in any awareness raising.

Though the message is basic, it clearly displays text and images that could help somebody recognise what they are living with:


South Wales Police accepts complaint in DA case

The following is an excerpt from Wales Online regarding South Wales Police. The force accepted a complaint of its adopting an inappropriate response using restorative justice to address issues within a relationship.

This in turn was apparently mis-interpreted by other agencies in subsequent child protection processes:

The Psychology of Narcissism

Psychologist Stephen Johnson writes that the narcissist is someone who has “buried his true self-expression in response to early injuries and replaced it with a highly developed, compensatory false self.” This alternate persona to the real self often comes across as grandiose, “above others,” self-absorbed, and highly conceited. In our highly individualistic and externally driven society, mild to severe forms of narcissism are not only pervasive but often encouraged.

Recounting Women

We wanted to highlight and applaud an innovative project, developed by Scottish Women's Aid. 


This website allows survivors to display images and supporting explanatory text which tells their story. A picture really does paint a thousand words and this is such an impactive way to tell individual issues, stories, hurdles etc.

Council criticised for failing DA Survivors

Having faced a lot of recent public criticism after the tragic Grenfell Tower fires, further criticism is being aimed at authorities in Kensington & Chelsea, this time about expelling families fleeing DA after structural problems in a local refuge.

Here is an excerpt from an article in The Independent:

Vacancy - Paladin Operations Manager

Operations Manager Fixed Term to October 2018 (with renewal subject to funding continuation)

Salary: £35-£37, 500 (including London Weighting) Working hours: 40 per week, plus occasional evening or weekend work. Some travel will be expected

Work location: London

Training Events from Relate- Counselling

Counselling Skills for Non Counsellors

Friday 15th, 22nd and 29th September 2017 A three-day Relate course

Knowledge of counselling skills can be extremely helpful in our daily lives – whether it is in knowing how to support friends, coping with difficult relationships or for use professionally by those working in management, healthcare, human resources, education, or in one of the many welfare or voluntary occupations.

Refresher Training for Champions in Oxon

With such regular enquiries from some of our longer serving DA Champions, we have been trying to introduce some form of refresher training. Getting funding has been difficult for events like this, even though we recognise it has been a while since many of you did your initial 2 days training with us.

We have therefore taken the decision to use the last two county networking dates for 2017/18 as refresher training sessions.

If you are a trained DA Champion and feel you need to refresh your knowledge, update on new developments or just go over the basics again, or if you feel you just need to reconnect with the networks, then simply click on the appropriate link below to book a place. 

Organised Religion and domestic abuse

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation have been concentrating their attention on domestic abuse within Christian communities. We felt it appropriate to applaud their efforts and highlight what they have discovered.

Havering list new training events

With several changes within Havering Borough council (our London based DA Champs) we now have a new VAWG Coordinator for the borough- Sarah Strang.

Sarah is passionate about DA and very keen to revitalise the DA Champ network in Havering and thus now released the following training dates:

DA Champion training

27th October 2017 and 16th February 2018 in Romford Town Hall.

Paladin criticise Spectator Magazine

We recently added an article on our facebook page about a website which advises stalkers how to "keep safe" and avoid exposure. Several of you also left some supporting comments of our criticism.

There have also been comments made this week about a cartoon in the Spectator Magazine. Our friends at Paladin, provide support and advocacy for victims of stalkers and they made public their feelings on the magazine apparently mocking and dismissing cases of stalking, here is the offending image and some of what they said:

AVA (Against Violence & Abuse) release training dates

Our friends at AVA are once again offering training in London. For anyone working within London with clients, they do offer free training too- so take a look at their website.

Here is the latest batch of training which does cost £100- £140, (statutory/voluntary agencies) and the venue is- Amnesty International UK, 25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA


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