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Fillicide- the act of killing your child


"Things really got out of control, because he'd lost control"

This was the way Claire Throssal summed up the horrific murder of her sons by her estranged husband.

Refresher Training in Oxon

This week we held a half day refresher training for DA Champions. It was great to see a group of busy people who still carry the torch, despite some having trained several years ago. We do still have a couple of spaces left for the next one at County Hall Oxford on 5th February 2018. Just drop us a line if you'd like to attend.

Cuts to Refuges in UK

We are often told when we talk about domestic abuse, that an average of 2 women a week are being murdered in the UK.  Our Patron, Dr Jane Mockton-Smith,  estimates from a number of research papers that a minimum of 10 deaths occur each week in the UK which can be attributed to DA if we also include male deaths, suicides and child deaths with links to domestic abuse. 

New National Commission

Community of Practice on Women’s Multiple Disadvantage

Here is an appeal for volunteers from our friends at AVA.

Viva La France

Amidst our government debating on removing refuge placement from the welfare system and cutbacks in funding to DA services, there is a refreshing stance across the English Channel. President Macron of France has just declared that gender equality is one of his objectives in this term. Here is an excerpt from a BBC article:

increase in Coercive Control prosecutions

Controlling or Coercive Behaviour in an Intimate or Family Relationship became a criminal offence under Section 76 Serious Crime Act, 2015. It became a crime on 29th December 2015 and initially had a slow rate of people being charged with the offence.That number is now rising.

UK's 16 Days of Activism

Here is a message about the UK's 16 days of activism against domestic abuse.

November 25th marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and the first day of the internationally recognised #16Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. 

AAFDA Annual conference 22 March 2018

Here is some news from our good friend and Patron, Frank Mullane.

Illuminate the past to make the future safer

Raising the status both of victims of domestic abuse and their families

To take advantage of the Early Bird rate, please CLICK HERE

Location:         DoubleTree by Hilton Swindon, Lydiard Fields, Great Western Way, Swindon, Wilts SN5 8UZ, Phone: 01793 410928

Pause in Slough

Whilst delivering our two day induction into the world of DA Champions last week in Slough, we discovered this great initiative is working in the Borough. This was only our second trip to Slough but what a great vibe from delivering there, not just the Champions but Rachel & Gary from Slough Borough Council. This felt like the start of great things with such vibrant and dynamic characters within their new network.

Correcting Press Articles

We have recently commented on the wording of several press articles where the abuse identified is not correctly labelled or a spin is put on the act to either minimise it or blame the victim. This rarely happens in other criminal cases but often when DA cases are reported on. However Jane Golimore does understand and has commented on the Fixedit Website.

DART Solo- a new tool for Practitioners

We have recently peer reviewed a new tool on the market for Jane Monckton-Smith, our Patron.

Jane has now created a blog to air the benefits of what we consider a useful resource and reference.

Domestic Abuse Reference Tool (DART-Pro) was originally designed as a tool for police officers to log into but, just like DASH, it has now developed into a public tool and runs as a phone app (not yet on Windows).

Scotland the Brave

There have been a number of articles this week relating to the Scottish Government debating new legislation currently in a Bill. They basically intend to expand their criminal offence to coercively control someone within a relationship. They are also debating about whether this could be prosecuted even if it had occurred outside Scotland. They are also looking at an interesting suggestion on expanding specialist domestic abuse courts. Here is an excerpt from Holyrood magazine:

Vacancy in East London

nia has been delivering services to women, girls and children who have experienced domestic and sexual violence since 1975. The organisation has three main aims: to provide services for women, girls and children who have experienced men’s violence, to contribute to ending male violence against women and girls, and to inform and influence policy and public awareness.

We are seeking to recruit to the following post:

New Social Media Initiative

Police on Skye have tweeted an open "letter" to an unnamed young woman encouraging her to tell officers if she is a victim of domestic abuse.

A series of tweets begins: "A letter to a young woman in Skye. We know you follow this account and want you to see this."

The officer goes on to say the woman's friends and family believe she is in danger. A later tweet revealed the messages were intended for anyone at risk.

Vacancy & Event at AVA

Here is news from our friends at Against Violence & Abuse. They have a vacancy and an event for anyone based in Greater London.

Project Manager required

Are you a policy worker who is passionate about eradicating Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)?

New Report on Police Progress with DA

The Criminal Justice Inspectorate have been busy again with another inspection report on the progress that police forces in the UK are making with domestic abuse. 

Here is an excerpt of their findings:

Study on male victims of DA

Last week we had the good fortune to visit NE Hants DA Forum to explain about how our DA Champs model works.

One member of the forum was trying to enlist support in finding practitioners who work with male victims for her PhD. We offered to help; here is what she wants to say:

Study Title: The under-reporting of male victims of domestic abuse. 

Taking in the Wider Picture

There has been much research lately on ACE's ( Adverse Childhood Experiences) and this is not just around victims of DA but understanding why perpetrators behave the way they do too.

MoD tries to tackle DA

THE Ministry of Defence has announced a landmark partnership to tackle domestic violence and abuse in the armed forces. The MoD has awarded children’s charity Spurgeons £268,000 to establish and run the first-ever therapeutic programme in Wiltshire for armed forces families affected by the issue.

The Three Faces of Power

Some of our studious DA Champs in Milton Keynes drew our attention to the theories of Prof. Steven Lukes, a British Social & Political Theorist, and we wanted to pass it on to all.

Come to our celebration

Fundraiser- Dorchester Abbey on 15th December, 2017

In case you haven’t heard we plan to hold an evening of song and celebration (we are 10 years old) to raise funds for our cause. This will include a pop up choir of DA Champions and friends of Reducing the Risk. Although the venue is a Christian one, this event is aimed at everyone, from any faith group or none.

Training in TA

Here is a training event from an old friend of Reducing the Risk!

Are you inspired by Transactional Analysis maps enough to gift yourself the 120 hours of learning which result in your sense of the structural Adult ego state expanding?

And so increase your internal locus of control, leading you to have more of a sense of balance in your relationships, your work and family life?

Training Events from OSARCC

Here is a message from our good friends at Oxfordshire Sexual Assault & Rape Crisis Centre about training they offer

Upcoming training days on sexual violence

Currently all our courses are subsidised for professionals working in South Oxfordshire so places are half the usual price! 

We are 10 years old!

Last night we had the good fortune to attend our Annual General Meeting.

It was a great and positive evening and, as well as re-electing our great band of Trustees, we had cake!


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