AAFDA Campaign for Stronger Sentencing

Our own patron Frank Mullane and his staff at AAFDA are very keen to share their latest campaign- please consider signing their petition:

Today AAFDA (Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse), with the support of the Victims’ Commissioner Vera Baird QC, launches its petition to request that the Unduly Lenient Sentences scheme covers coercive control.

The Unduly Lenient Sentences scheme allows anyone to complain to the Attorney General that a sentence is too low. But it does not include serious domestic abuse, e.g. coercive control, for which there are frequent poor sentences which often seem to disregard Sentencing Council guidelines.

The scheme has not kept up with the devastating effects of coercive control.

Referring sentencing for this offence to the Court of Appeal would ensure senior judges reiterated the crime’s gravity and followed sentencing guidelines. Please sign the petition and add your voice!