Actor calls for media FGM stories

This interesting article questions how the UK responds to so called "Honour" based abuse. The actor Sunekra Sarker says, “The problem is we feel very comfortable talking about British traditions, but when it comes to cultures that believe in forced marriage or justify honour-based abuse, we sort of shy away from it, because we don’t really know and it’s not our culture, so we don’t want to be seen to say it’s wrong because we’re so worried about being condemned for it".
Original story from Bigg Issue North (Extract below)

Liverpool actor Sunetra Sarker has called on storytellers working in TV and radio not to shy away from tackling “honour-based” abuse and FGM in their work, saying discussion and representation “validates” the experience of victims and can give them strength to speak out.

Sarker, best known for her roles as Nisha Batra in Brookside and Zoe Hanna in Casualty, was recently announced as the new celebrity ambassador for charity Savera UK, an organisation dedicated to tackling culturally-specific abuse, including forced marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM) and so-called honour-based abuse.

The organisation provides support to those at risk, regardless of their age, culture, sexuality or gender.

In 2014 Casualty was praised after it became the first mainstream drama on British TV to feature a storyline on FGM, in which Sarker’s character, a doctor, supported a victim.

Sarker says the storyline led her to bettering her own understanding of the impact honour-based abuse has, and has called on writers and journalists not to shy away from broaching the topic in their work.