Calls about children witnessing domestic abuse 'rise 25%'

This article looks at the rising number of children "witnessing domestic abuse"; language is essential here. The critical thing is that children living in such a home are not simply impassioned bystanders, they experience DA and are victims too.
Original story from BBC News (Extract below)

Calls to the NSPCC about children witnessing the most serious forms of domestic abuse have jumped 25% in a year, the charity has warned. The number of reports that were referred to the police or local authorities rose to 6,642 in 2018/19 — up from 5,322 the year before. The children involved were at "huge risk of harm", the NSPCC said. It is calling for the government to include more protections for children in the Domestic Abuse Bill.

The Home Office said children would benefit from "a number of measures" in the bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament....

Emily Hilton, from the NSPCC, said the Domestic Abuse Bill currently fails to explicitly recognise children who witness domestic abuse as victims. The charity is urging the government to include a statutory duty on local authorities to provide community-based specialist services. "The bill in its current form fails to protect children from the devastating impact of living with domestic abuse, leaving thousands at continued risk because the help they deserve is not in place," said Ms Hilton.

She added that the government was "missing a landmark opportunity to transform the way we help young people recover from the trauma of abuse".