Changes to Flag DV referral process

Here is a message from Louisa (a Champ) at Flag DV:

We want to tell you about our new website and a significant change to the referral pathway of which you access Flag DV.

From June 14, 2019 we stopped accepting paper or scanned versions of our old referral form. With the launch  of our new website we replaced the old form with an online digital version which is located on every page of our website. All self referring clients and professional referrals made with the consent of the client must now complete this digital form to access free legal advice. Our website address is

The helpline continues to operate on 0800 731 0055 but at times cannot respond immediately due to high call volumes. The call handlers purely look after the receipt of Flag DV referrals but can also risk assess victims and signpost them to additional support services. If you have a professional query about our service or a client has not heard from us post referral in this case email us direct at or use the 'Contact us' area of our new website.

The website will be continual working progress as we add up to date news items and develop the resources that we signpost clients to.  Please visit the site and take a look.

Historically you may have noticed our service operating primarily in West Berkshire. We have more recently begun to extend our geographical reach across the whole Thames Valley Area and look forward to future projects to support the increasing identification of client need.

If your team would like us to come and share more information about our service please email myself or to our Enquiries Section

Best regards

Louisa Fidler

Growth & Development Manager, Flag DV

Free Legal Advice Group for Domestic Violence