Dating and relationship violence victimisation and perpetration among 11–16 year olds in Wales

Cardiff University- Honor Young, Sara Jayne Long, G J Melendez-Torres, Hyun Sue Kim, Gillian Hewitt, Simon Murphy, Graham F Moore

Researchers at Cardiff University have published findings from research looking at dating and relationship violence among 11–16 year olds in Wales.

A survey of 74,908 students from 193 schools across Wales found that, of young people who reported having experience of dating: 17% of boys and 12% of girls said that they had experienced physical violence by a romantic partner at least once; and 28% of girls reported emotional victimisation compared to 20% of boys.

Analysis of the overlap between victimisation and perpetration found that physical violence tended to go in one direction, with most victims not reporting perpetration. Emotional violence by contrast was commonly more reciprocal, perhaps reflecting a tendency for more mutual emotional conflict within many young people’s relationships.