Deaf Hope

We had the following email from our good friends at Deaf Hope. Here is what this great service can offer:

This is a courtesy email to make you aware of the services that we offer Pan London, Kent and Sussex and if there is any way that we can assist you or you feel we can support you and your clients, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a team that consists of IDVA’s, Outreach workers, YPVA (Young Persons Violence Advocate) and a Children and Family worker that support people who have or are experiencing domestic abuse.  The team are Deaf themselves and are able to adapt their services to all people on the d/Deaf spectrum whether from the UK or abroad or hard of hearing.  We also have a Young DeafHope team that runs a preventative program to the ‘Under 21yrs’ via workshops within Deaf schools or HI units, 1:1 support and after school clubs for the deaf community.

So here is some of our updated leaflets and posters for yourselves.  These leaflets better reflect our service since we were first set up in 2012. (these leaflets can be posted to you if you feel hardcopies is more appropriate).

Our service not only caters to women and children of the Deaf Community but also to the men.  Domestic abuse is not something that only happens to heterosexual couples and families – in these modern times different sexualities are explored, views of a ‘traditional’ family are changing and the belief that only women are abused and are not abusers are issues that due to media, campaigns, social norms being explored and freedom of speech – are issues being further recognised.    

Our service is here to match and support that.

The Deaf community is already a minority group and to further divide that group and only cater to women, further isolates the rest of the community that could be going through the same issues.  They will still encounter the same barriers with other agencies that are not deaf aware or do not have the correct access needs for them to be contactable.

We support all genders, sexualities, cultural background and religion.

It would be a fantastic opportunity if we were able to talk to your staff about our services within a workshop or team meeting or if you would like a training program delivered by our trained staff adapted to fit your services for the Deaf Community.

If you would like to have a meeting with a member of my team to learn more about our service then please do get in contact with Leigh  02087723241 and we can organise a date.