Freedom Programme

Are you interested in the subject of domestic abuse? Gaining the knowledge and skills to help protect you and your family? Would you like to learn how to distinguish between non-abusive and abusive behaviour?

The Freedom Programme course is free and provides a supportive, safe and friendly environment involving active participation in structured discussions on the subject of domestic abuse. The programme was designed by Pat Craven and each week focuses on the types of tactics that a perpetrator uses called 'the dominator' comparing this with 'the saint' characteristics. These are outlined below.

Group process aims to develop awareness, problem solving, assertiveness training, understanding and developing self.

Please note that, although the Freedom Programme is suitable for both male and female victims, in practice the vast majority of courses that are run are woman-only. We keep Domestic Abuse Champions informed about new course dates in their local area in case they have people to refer.

The Dominator...

shouts, sulks, smashes things, glares, calls you names, makes you feel ugly and useless, cuts you off from your friends, stops you working, never admits he/she is wrong, blames you, drugs, drink, stress etc., turns the children against you, uses the children to control you, never does their share of the housework, never looks after the children, expects sex on demand, controls the money, threatens or wheedles you to get his own way, seduces your friends/sister/anyone, expects you to be responsible for his well-being.

In contrast to this the course looks at the role of a non perpetrating partner called the Saint.

The Saint is....

cheerful, consistent, supportive, tells you you look good, tells you you're competent, uses your name, trusts you, trusts your judgment, welcomes your friends and family, encourages you to be independent, supports your learning, career etc., admits to being wrong, is a responsible parent, is an equal parent, does thier share of the housework, accepts that you have a right to say "no" to sex, shares financial responsibility, takes responsibility for their own well-being and happiness.


Living with the Dominator by Pat Craven

The book Living with the Dominator by Pat Craven,with illustrations by the acclaimed artist Jacky Fleming, is now published in paperback. This book about the Freedom Programme explains violent and abusive behaviour and places it in a social context. It can help readers of any age and sexual orientation to change their own behaviour and to recognise when they are being controlled. Pat Craven is the creator of the Freedom Programme. Jacky Fleming has produced several books and her illustrations have appeared in the Guardian, New Statesman and the Independent on Sunday.

The book can be bought directly from

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