Global Suicide Prevention Day- September 10th

September 10th is the global Suicide Prevention Day. We felt it prudent to highlight the link between suicide and domestic abuse.

We also know our Patron Frank Mullane, founder of AAFDA, is keen to include suicide cases where DA has been identified, into domestic homicide reviews. At present it is only a crime to assist someone to commit suicide, yet not in pushing or coercing them towards committing it.

One important UK study from 2018, is Domestic abuse and suicide Exploring the links with Refuge’s client base and work force. This very informative piece of work from Ruth Aitken who is a Chartered Psychologist (C.Psychol, AFBPsS) and Policy Consultant for Refuge, and Vanessa Munro who is Professor of Law at the University of Warwick. The fascinating research explores the suicidality rates within refuge's clients and also discusses issues with their staff. It explores faith and children as well as the forms of abuse suffered.

High suicidality among people experiencing domestic abuse. This important piece of research with Refuge staff and clients, was by Roxanne Keynejad. She is a Clinical Research Training Fellow in the Section of Women’s Mental Health. The report highlights issues identified by IDVAs and the limitations on highlighting suicide if they have a large workload.

Another piece of recent research has been From hoping to helpIdentifying and responding to suicidality amongst victims of domestic abuse. The authors tracked (disclosed) experiences of suicidal ideation or suicide within a sample of more than 3,500 domestically abused adults and explored factors that appeared to be correlated with a presence of suicidality amongst this constituency. It forms part of the International review of Victimology.