#invest2endabuse- Use your vote

It is critical that candidates looking for your vote are aiming to deliver DA services for victims, perpetrators and children. Our good friends at SafeLives have created a great campaign aimed to the forthcoming general election. Here is what they say:

It feels like Brexit is the only thing that this general election is about. But when two women a week die at the hands of their partners or ex-partners, and one in five children experience domestic abuse growing up, we think it’s time we focused on the issues which are ruining lives every day.

We want to see a domestic abuse bill return to Parliament with a commitment to a full statutory duty on local authorities so that vital domestic abuse services in the community are commissioned for all adult and child victims, as well as perpetrators of abuse.

We are calling on every candidate in this general election to commit to ensuring every single individual affected by domestic abuse can access the support they need, whilst perpetrators receive interventions to change their behaviour.

Join our call to #Invest2EndAbuse and help to end the postcode lottery for adult and child victims and survivors.


What you can do: