Message for Devon Champions

The following was forwarded by Jason, Chief Champ in our fast growing Torbay network:

The Devon Clinic is delighted to announce that they have been awarded funding to continue their 'single parent's stress relief' package. 

If you know of a single parent struggling with stress/anxiety/depression and they are in financial hardship, we can offer them up to 9 therapy sessions of their choice.

We offer a choice of talking therapies including (counselling/hypnotherapy/life coaching/NLP/CBT) through to manual therapies including acupuncture and massage as well as an allergy test for them or their child(ren). We will also provide group work for those who may benefit but don't reach the required criteria for 1-2-1 therapy.

In the 1st instance, they need to fill out all 3 forms on our website  We can them assess their results and contact the clients directly.

the funding is due to arrive by the end of the month. Thank you :)

Warmest Regards

Chris Fleet, Director: 01803 500300