A message from our friends at Oxford Against Cutting

Our good friends at OAC have a message about training events they offer:

Girls and women can suffer many forms of harm in the name of "honour" and our charity is now tackling forced marriage, as well as female genital mutilation. In some communities these issues are interlinked, with girls being cut so they are "ready" to marry, before they finish their education. 

We now offer workshops for teachers and students on:

  • Female genital mutilation (FGM)
  • Honour-based abuse and forced marriage
  • Body image (including FGM and female cosmetic genital surgery)

All our training is delivered by facilitators from affected communities! We are delighted to welcome to our team new facilitators from South Asian communities who have lived experiences that make our training "real".

Please contact us to book your training — places are limited!

Our team has supported learning with arts, sport and dance and you can read about our activities last year in our 2018 — 2019 Annual Review.

With the summer holidays around the corner, 

Have you put a poster up yet?

Our posters are available to download, print and share on social media via our resources page. We can also send you hard copies — please contact us to confirm which version you need for your area.

We have posters for Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, East Berkshire and West Berkshire.

Let's keep our girls safe — please ensure you know the warning signs and where to get support.

Wishing you happy and safe holidays!

The Oxford Against Cutting Team