Message from Oxford Against Cutting

Our good friends at OAC have a message on their latest poster campaigns:

Our summer poster campaign aims to raise awareness of FGM and connect women and girls across the Thames Valley with frontline support services.

The campaign covers Oxfordshire, East Berkshire, West Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, reaching 4 of the UK’s 11 FGM hotspots. Posters will be displayed in bus stops, schools, GP surgeries, hospitals and community centres.

The launch coincides with the expansion of our schools training, which now includes learning on: 

  • Female genital mutilation (FGM)
  • Forced marriage and other forms of honour-based abuse (HBA)  
  • Body image (including learning on FGM, female cosmetic genital surgery, unrealistic expectations for body images shown online and how pornography presents a distorted picture of sexual behaviour)  
  • Body rights and safety (from all forms of sexual harm) – primary school lesson (including the NSPCC PANTS campaign) 

The poster campaign has been launched before the start of “cutting season” when many girls around the UK may be at higher risk of undergoing FGM during the summer school holidays. This year the campaign has been launched slightly earlier as some cutting seasons, for example in Sudan, start in May.

Oxford Against Cutting hopes the posters will help to link people to frontline services, whether they are at risk of FGM themselves, or they know a girl who may be at risk. Services highlighted on the posters also link survivors of FGM to medical support available at the Oxford Rose Clinic and the Rose Centre in Reading.


The picture used for the poster was drawn by children at Cherwell School and highlights the importance of working together to end FGM.


Dr Brenda Kelly (Director and Founder of the Oxford Rose Clinic) was able to work with one patient who had lived with the impacts of FGM for many years with no support, and contacted the Rose Clinic after seeing a campaign poster from Oxford Against Cutting. “At the Oxford Rose Clinic, we have a specialist team with experience in providing sensitive and compassionate care for women and girls living with complications of FGM.  This is a free and confidential service. Girls and women can self-refer or speak to their GP to be referred to us.”


Please get in touch to help put up posters or book a workshop!

Best wishes

The Oxford Against Cutting Team