Message from UK says No More

A new campaign aims to keep up the momentum of domestic abuse, despite a change at No 10. Here is what our friends at UK Says No More are aiming for:

As the country is taken into new hands and governed by a new leadership, we cannot forget how far we have come in recent times. Now, more than ever, we need societal support to keep the prevention of domestic abuse and sexual violence in the picture.

Theresa May MP, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, honoured her commitment in bringing forth the Domestic Abuse Bill by ensuring its introduction to the House of Commons earlier this month. The Bill, a result of consultations and evidence from practitioners and activists including UK SAYS NO MORE and its partners, is now en route to becoming an Act of Parliament. However, the work has not ended and there are still ways we can all keep the Bill in the frame. #WhatICanDo?

We cannot afford to drop the ball on this

As the Bill is carried through the Houses of Parliament we are asking you to write to your MP to continue advocating for the Domestic Abuse Bill. The United Kingdom is going through political change and we need to ensure that those who represent us keep their eyes on the ball.

We can make society a safe place for all of us.