Network Meeting for Bucks Champs

The following is a message from Hayley, our current Chief Champ for Bucks. Having attended a recent conference hosted by the Alice Ruggles Trust, we would heartily recommend this to all our Champs in Bucks:

Dear Champions,

I would like to invite you to the next Champion’s Network Meeting on Monday, 9th December 2019 at 9.30 (until approximately 12:30) at Green Park, Darke Hall Meeting Room in the Coach House, Stablebridge Rd, Aston Clinton, Bucks, HP22 5NE.

Guest Speaker: Sue Hills from The Alice Ruggles Trust

Sue Hills is Alice Ruggle’s mother.  Alice was murdered in October 2016 after a relentless campaign of stalking by Trimaan Dhillon, an ex-boyfriend. Looking back it seems unbelievable that we (Alice’s family) did not spot the problems earlier and that we did not involve the police sooner. But unfortunately a similar lack of understanding about the identification and dangers of stalking by the professionals that Alice sought help from put her in greater danger, with terrible consequences. Alice would never have identified herself as being a victim of domestic violence and yet as the police investigation into her murder unravelled, it became clear just how much she had been manipulated during her brief relationship with Dhillon. None of Alice’s family thought that stalking counted as domestic violence, but in reality it was a continuation and escalation of events that occurred within the relationship.

Sue uses Alice’s story to point out some of the warning signs of coercive control and stalking that can be identified by the victim or their family and friends, and how imperative it is that effective risk management is put in place promptly by professionals.

This session will be popular so please make sure you are definitely able to attend before committing. Please see our cancellation policy below.

To reserve a place free of charge please contact my colleague Anita Repenning

Cancellation Policy: Should a delegate withdraw from a network meeting where there is a booked speaker, a financial penalty will be incurred proportionate to the amount of notice given, the ability to fill the space with a waiting list candidate and the reason for the withdrawal. If a cancellation is received with less than 7 working days' notice, or the delegate fails to attend the network meeting, s/he will be charged £95.