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Here is a message from our good friends at OAC

Welcome to the new academic year

We know that sadly some of our UK girls will have been subjected to practices such as FGM and forced marriage over the summer. Some victims will not have returned to school. Many of the issues for girls at risk of FGM and honour-based abuse are similar — for example, the practices are carried out because girls are considered responsible for the family's "honour", girls from practicing communities are most at risk during the summer holidays and a specialist safeguarding response is required.

We can all help protect girls at risk of FGM and forced marriage. HOW? Build your confidence to have tricky conversations.

Contact us to arrange:

  • Specialist safeguarding training on FGM and honour-based abuse for school staff teams
  • Workshops on FGM and body image for young people at secondary school level
  • Our Who Can You Tell lesson for primary school children



  • Workshops for  men's groups 
  • Workshops on FGM and honour-based abuse for professionals, academics and community groups

Oxford Against Cutting delivers high quality, sensitive training and all our training is delivered by facilitators from affected communities. Delegates regularly comment that this makes our training very powerful, helping them to understand the issues as a reality.

Let's keep talking! We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

The Oxford Against Cutting Team