Operation Naseby: the case of Ben Field

Operation Naseby was the name given by Thames Valley Police to their investigation into the deaths of two elderly residents from the same road in Maids Moreton in Bucks.

Here is a video looking at Ben Field's behaviour- part one- where his victim was Peter Farquahar- he went through a betrothal ceremony with Peter. Part 2 saw his next victim, Ann Moore-Martin, defrauded of many thousands of pounds:



This sounds as if it comes out of a Midsome Murders drama but tragically, this callous perpetrator seduced an elderly gay man whom he poisoned to death.

He then moved on to seduce a nearby elderly spinster whom he defrauded of thousands of pounds. Sadly this case has so much learning- elderly but well educated and professional victims, intimate male and female victims, coercive control, spiritual abuse- and much more. 

Fields filmed Peter in a confused state after doping him and he also documented his next victims with notes. He also photographed Ann's bathroom mirror where he had written religious scripture to pursuade her that she should comply with his requests. He kept shocking notes about what he was doing and what he planned to do and these helped convict him.