Our training services

Reducing the Risk offers a wide range of training for professionals in the area of interpersonal violence and abuse. We can design bespoke workshops and programmes for any size of group and support every level of learner.

Our training days are designed for a variety of learning and development needs, from raising basic awareness of Domestic Abuse to meeting the continuous professional development (CPD) needs of senior practitioners and managers with responsibilities for domestic violence and abuse and its effects on men, women, children, and families as well as staff.

We deliver regular training sessions organised in Oxfordshire, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, West Berkshire, Slough and Havering. We are also happy to provide training and support to other local authorities and for organisations such as schools (INSET), health-based services, solicitors and colleges who want to provide internal training. 


We can support local areas in training and development. Our charity specialises in the setting up and running of Domestic Abuse Champions' Networks. Early intervention is key to supporting victims and families affected by domestic abuse. A network supports frontline practitioners to gain knowledge and skills in order to support colleagues internally and in other agencies.

DA Champions' training

We can deliver the training directly or provide a two-day Train the Trainers course equipping trainers with the knowledge, resources and skills to deliver the package.

Other topics for training

  • Domestic abuse awareness
  • Coercive control
  • DASH/risk management
  • Threat management/triggers
  • Safety Planning
  • Impact on children
  • Honour Based Abuse/Forced Marriage
  • Working with young people in abusive relationships

... or any other bespoke training to meet your needs

AlterEgo Theatre Company

We work closely with the theatre company AlterEgo Creative Solutions, who have developed several domestic abuse-themed plays including Behind Closed Doors and Tough Love; we offer a post-performance training session/information workshop which picks up on issues (such as coercive control) raised by their play(s). 

Feedback on our training

Quite simply the best training experience I have ever had. (Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner's Office, 2016)

Exemplary throughout the entire time I have commissioned them to deliver their train the trainer package. They have great expertise driven with an absolute passion for helping victims and expanding the Champions’ Network. (Local Government Community Safety Officer, 2016)

The training ‘Reducing the Risk’ provided was absolutely brilliant. 'Behind Closed Doors', which was incredibly intense, left the audience somewhat quiet and shocked; the balloon activity that began the training broke the ice and helped to bring the audience back into the room. The training delivered tied in excellently, bringing out the relevant points from the play by covering the missed opportunities and risk factors of living with domestic abuse, reminding the audience of the importance of recognising abuse and acting upon it. (Support worker, 2015)

Training Development Team

Our Training Development Manager, Michelle Plaisted-Kerr, has worked in the field of training, development and group work for 22 years, designing and delivering bespoke training to multi-agency professionals in the fields of domestic and sexual abuse, sexual health, teenage pregancy and parenting in the voluntary and statutory sectors. Michelle held the post of Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Coordinator for eight years.

Our Training Development Officer is a retired police officer with over 14 years' experience in domestic abuse. Within the police force he worked as an investigator and risk manager as well as spending time developing organisational strategies and policies. Since joining Reducing the Risk he worked as an Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) before moving into the training team.

Our Lead for Partnership and Champion Network Development, Mandy Mann, has worked in the field of criminal justice and community safety for 10 years, with a focus on anti-social behaviour, developing partnership working in relation to the Anti Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 and establishing multi-agency approaches to resolving local community safety problems.


To find out more about the training Reducing the Risk can offer, email us on contact@reducingtherisk.org.uk