Oxfordshire domestic abuse information

Please read this COVID 19 message from Oxfordshire County Council regarding domestic abuse

OCC has also produced and shared some advice on safety planning for professionals and victims of domestic abuse in isolation

Guidance for domestic abuse and older people in Oxfordshire

OCC have recently released an information leaflet containing guidance on domestic abuse and older people including ways of checking in and supporting them. There is also a poster that can be printed and used to share information about services available to support older people experiencing domestic abuse.

Further information

Domestic abuse information and advice that's relevant throughout England and Wales can be accessed through the links on this site.

Below you will find additional information that's specifically relevant to Oxfordshire.

In Oxfordshire, thousands of people are affected by domestic abuse every year. Reducing the Risk works in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council to bring you information relevant to the Oxfordshire area.

There is a 2018  Domestic Abuse Pathway for young people, affected by the issues.

There is a useful Domestic Abuse Referral Pathway for Oxfordshirefor 2019.

Support Numbers for Oxfordshire

(for national numbers, see the support numbers page)

For the Court IDVA service, click here.

A2 Domestic Abuse Services (click for webpage)

Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0800 731 0055 (Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm)
This is free and will not show on your home telephone bill but may appear on an itemised mobile phone bill.

The Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline can provide emotional support and practical information for adults affected by domestic abuse. It works with victims to empower them to make decisions regarding their relationship, irrespective of whether they wish to leave or not. The helpline can help with any enquiries that you may have and provide access to support services.

If it's not urgent, professionals can also contact the Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse by email: oxfordshiredomestic@a2dominion.co.uk which is checked twice a day. Victims and family members should use the helpline telephone number and not the email address. Professionals can refer victims to support services using the Referral form.

Relate: 01865 242960
Can offer counselling to individuals who are in or have left a violent relationship.

Oxford Friend: 01865 726893
Free and completely confidential information, support and counselling services for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people.

Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre: 01865 726295
Support and information for women who have suffered sexual abuse.

Oxford Parent Infant Project (OXPIP): 01865 778034
Works with parents to help understand their relationships to their baby and supports parents who are uncertain about their parenting.

Oxford Family Information Service: 01865 323332
Providing information and support for children, young people and families in Oxfordshire.

LGBTQI+ Oxfordshire website

Has been developed to provide our LGBTQI+ communities with better access to information, services and advice from local, regional and national organisations.

Witness Services (see more below)
Crown Court /Magistrates Court: 01865 727753 provides support at court.

Website for young people

This website has "Everything for young people in Oxfordshire

Children's Services in Oxfordshire

Risk assessment for children in Oxfordshire

LCSS (The Locality and Community Support Service) 

The Locality and Community Support Service (LCSS) is part of our Children's Services Integration Programme. You can find your local LCSS Community Coordinator on the OSCB website.

The LCSS provides advice and guidance to universal professional partner agencies including schools, health and voluntary and community groups, across Oxfordshire when emerging concerns are raised for children that do not require an immediate safeguarding response.

The LCSS are the first point of contact where non-immediate safeguarding concerns are identified.

Safe! Project

Main phone number: 01865 582495. Freephone client line: 0800 1337938.

Postal address: Unit 9 — Standingford House, 26 Cave Street, St Clements, Oxford OX4 1BA

    Child on Parent Violence in Oxfordshire

    In Oxfordshire a bespoke programme, ‘Building Respectful Families’, has been developed, using the Break4Change model which has had a proven record in Brighton and Hove. There has been much interest in the programme and it is hoped that it will be developed across Oxfordshire, following the successful completion of the pilot.

    For more information please contact

    Ruth Donaldson
    Oxfordshire Child on Parent Violence Project Development Manager
    Building Respectful Families Programme
    Tel: 01865 203829|Mob: 07419374271
    or to read about the background to the project, please see

    Abuse of Vulnerable Adults in Oxfordshire

    In Oxfordshire, the criteria for being defined as a “vulnerable adult” are someone who is:

    • aged 18 or over
    • receiving or in need of care. e.g. help with washing or dressing
    • unable to take care of themselves, or unable to protect themselves against significant harm or exploitation

    Further information on policies and procedures in Oxfordshire is available in the following resources:

    Practical information, advice and support is also available from Oxfordshire Social and Community Services

    Tel: 0845 050 7666 or 01865 328232
    Out of hours emergency number: 0800 833 408
    Email: access@oxfordshire.gov.uk

    Oxfordshire's independent domestic violence adviser (IDVA) service

    The Oxfordshire Domestic Violence Advisor Service was established in January 2008 and has the leading role, on behalf of the Oxfordshire Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARAC), to work with victims at high risk and coordinate safety plans around them. The Independent Domestic Violence Advisers (IDVAs) are trained specialists whose goal is the safety of survivors of domestic violence, ultimately to help them and their children move safely towards living violence free lives.

    The IDVA service works with clients of both sexes who have been identified as high risk and referred from a multi agency risk assessment conference (MARAC). The support is intended to be a short/medium term service put in place to reduce the risk of further domestic violence and the emotional effects caused by it.

    A risk assessment needs to be carried out so an appropriate safety plan can be formed. IDVAs can assist with issues arising as a result of domestic abuse, such as support through the court process and advocacy with housing issues.

    IDVAs are independent from all agencies to ensure the best possible support and advice is offered to each survivor. All clients are treated with respect, dignity and sensitivity. IDVAs respect the diversity of all communities and work to ensure all survivors have access to the services they need.

    In order to provide the best possible help they may need to share information with other agencies, but this is only on a need to know basis to achieve the best outcome for the victim.

    For more information and to access the IDVA service please contact the Oxfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline 0800 731 0055.

    Housing departments within Oxfordshire

    Housing departments have a duty to house anyone fleeing domestic abuse — not only council tenants

    Oxford City: 01865 252858
    Cherwell: 01295 252535
    South Oxfordshire: 01235 540359
    Vale of the White Horse: 01235 540359
    West Oxfordshire: 01993 861010

    Social & Community Services: 0845 050 7666
    Out of hours: 0800 833408

    Oxfordshire Witness Service

    If an individual is going to court as a witness or victim of crime, the Witness Service can provide free and confidential support to help them cope. The family and friends who are attending court can get help too and the Witness Service supports witnesses for both the prosecution and defence. The Witness Service can also provide support to children at court.

    The Witness Service can give the individual:

    • someone to talk to confidentially, about how they feel before a trial
    • information about what to expect in court, including a chance to see the court beforehand and learn about court procedures
    • a quiet place to wait before the individual is called to give evidence
    • someone to go with the witness into the courtroom if they want, to help them feel more at-ease
    • practical help (for example with claiming expenses)
    • easier access to people, such as court staff, who can answer specific questions about the case
    • a chance to talk over the case when it has ended and to get more help or information.

    The Witness Service is free and independent of the police or courts.

    Address: Oxford Crown Court, St Aldates, Oxford, OX1 1TL
    Tel: 01865 240957 or 727753

    MARAC in Oxfordshire

    To make a referral, use MODUS or email the county MARAC administrator for guidance.

    Finding a local solicitor who can help with injunctions

    There are a number of possible options for any victim of domestic abuse regarding family court. If you are on a low income or think you cannot afford to pay for one privately, you can use the Ministry of Justice Legal Aid Calculator to see if you qualify for help.

    The Law Society website can help in finding a qualified solicitor whether privately or, if you qualify, a Legal Aid Provider in family law. The search facility is useful in identifying local firms in any area. 

    Domestic Abuse Champion Training

    The Oxfordshire Champions network are trained, supported and resourced practitioners across a range of agencies who are committed to helping victims of domestic abuse.

    Cancellations Policy