Police received multiple reports about domestic abuse before woman was stabbed by boyfriend, watchdog says

Sadly this is yet another case which finally ended only after a long series of incidents. There may of course be good reasons why cases do not poceed yet each case is a warning of what may well happen in the future. Some may say hindsight is a wonderful gift but we all need to focus a lot more on foresight.
Original story from The Independent (Extract below)

Police received a string of domestic abuse reports about a man who later beat and stabbed his girlfriend, investigators have revealed.

Derbyshire Constabulary is being probed by the police watchdog over its handling of the case, which eventually saw Aaron Booth attack his partner with a kitchen knife after a campaign of bullying behaviour.

Booth was jailed for 14 years in October after he broke into Zahra Rechelle’s home in Glossop, beat her nearly unconscious and knifed her five times in front of police officers who had responded to the victim’s frantic 999 call.

A court was told that during their relationship Booth would “bully and degrade [Ms Rechelle] by spitting, flicking cigarettes or throwing household items at her, as well as calling her names”.

Now the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has revealed police were told several times before the attack of abusive incidents relating to the couple, and said it was reviewing officers’ previous contact with the victim.

In a statement on Tuesday, it said: “The IOPC is now investigating how Derbyshire police handled a number of incidents of domestic abuse involving [Ms Rechelle] and Booth, which were reported to them between September 2018 and the night of the stabbing [in February 2019].”