Power to Change

The Power to Change is run specifically for women who are survivors of domestic abuse, and is based on the idea that women working together in a safe, friendly and supportive environment can change their life for the better.

The programme is a psycho-educational and support group run in weekly 2 hour sessions over a period of 10-12 weeks.

The three main aims of the group are:

  • to change patterns of behaviour, accept responsibility to change and challenge beliefs about experiences
  • to raise awareness of women’s basic rights
  • to build self esteem, self determination, confidence and empowerment.

Participants often draw strength and benefit from being in the group, being with other women who share similar experiences, understanding the dynamics of domestic abuse. Not only do they increase their understanding of their experiences, but feelings of shame, guilt, fear and loneliness diminish.

For the self help group to function effectively participation must be of the woman’s choosing. Full assessment of risk, needs is undertaken as well as the explanation around group rules and expectations.

We keep Domestic Abuse Champions informed about new course dates in their local area in case they have people to refer.

Referrals should be sent to das@a2dominion.co.uk or telephone 0800 731 0055. Please confirm that your client has consented to this referral! For more information on other Recovery Toolkit or Power to Change groups please email the Oxfordshire & West Berks Domestic Abuse Helpline.