Recovery Toolkit

The Recovery Toolkit is a 12 week programme for women who have experienced domestic abuse. It is a closed group programme and therefore participants are expected to attend sessions every week. The programme is based on a psycho educational model which aims to provide women who have experienced domestic abuse with the resources to maximise their own potential. Women who attend the group have to have left their abusive relationship.

We keep Domestic Abuse Champions informed about new course dates in their local area in case they have people to refer.

Although the course runs during the daytime, please indicate if the woman being referred would prefer to attend an evening course. If there is enough demand to run an evening course, funding will be sought in order to provide this.

Practitioners, please read the Criteria for Referrals and complete the Referral Form for clients to participate in this course. Referrals should be sent to or telephone 0800 731 0055. Please confirm that your client has consented to this referral!

For more information on other Recovery Toolkit or Power to Change groups please email the Oxfordshire & West Berks Domestic Abuse Helpline.

Training as a Facilitator

If you're intereted in attending training to facilitate Recovery Toolkit, Sue Penna is now providing training with Rockpool and you can find out more about the training they provide.