Reducing the Risk of DA- under COVID19 Restrictions

We are all having to cope with such changes to work and home life balance and it is difficult for everyone. We cannot though forget that this must be especially hard for those living with domestic abuse and we do need to consider how we can best support them.



The normal specialist support for victims and families has obviously changed to a more remote but still very passionate one. Many DA services and helplines are now operating on a phone based service. For those victims that can come forward for help it obviously is harder than ever to consider their reduced options but we all try to help.

For our DA Champions, here are a few things that you can utilise in whatever role you work:

  1. Our website does offer the following local pages for each network we run. They should be a first point of reference if you are supporting someone:
  1. Anybody who has applied to become a Champion of Domestic Abuse can log into our website to access DA Champion GuidesThese offer a quick reference to you all for specific areas such as "Housing & Tenancy" or "Clare's Law"
  1. Anybody that has trained as a DA Champion can also utilise:
    1. the database of all our DA Champions that have been trained. This may allow you the chance to make direct contact with somebody from your training, or another champ who may be able to offer you some of their knowledge or even someone working in your role in another area who may want to collaborate on an initiative. The choice is yours but the details are part of the reciprocal agreement all champs agree- to share knowledge and contact details.
    2. The DA Champ Discussion Forums- this allows champions to open discussions and pose questions about cases (no names please)
  1. We will strive to offer practical advice and support if you still have a cause of concern and direct you accordingly. Just email us direct if you need clarity and cannot find help on our website.
  1. We asked our good friends at Aurora New Dawn if we should collaborate specifically regarding COVID19 restrictions such as isolation. Shonagh their CEO had already been compiling a COVID19 DA Safety Plan (log in first) and kindly agreed for us to adapt and share it cautiously. Please run through this with anyone isolated with an abusive partner.

We are here if you need us!

All of the staff and Trustees of Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse