Research upon impact of abuse on mental health

The Violence, Abuse & Mental Health Network will research the impact of violence and abuse on mental health. The network will focus on all types of domestic and sexual violence and abuse, and all aspects of mental health and wellbeing (i.e., not just diagnosed mental health conditions).

The network is funded by UK Research and Innovation and led by Dr Sian Oram and Professor Louise Howard (King’s College London).

One of the first tasks of the network is to understand what research people feel is most important. With this survey, we’re aiming to learn what research people think needs to be done. We recognise that this is a sensitive topic, and understand that this survey may be difficult to complete. Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary, and you can submit a partially completed survey if you prefer.


The questions on this survey do not ask you to reveal any personally identifying information. The survey can be completed anonymously. This means that no-one will be able to identify you from your answers.  

Data from the survey will be stored by the McPin Foundation, who are hosting the survey on behalf of the network.