Smack That (a conversation) in Oxford

Here is news of an interesting theatre show playing in Oxford this week. Here is what was sent to us:

I work for a dance theatre company — we have a show called Smack That (a conversation) which is going to be at Oxford Playhouse next week. And I thought the show might be of interest to your staff and clients?

Please find below more information on dance theatre show 'Smack That (a conversation)' by Rhiannon Faith which will be at:

Oxford Playhouse, Burton Taylor Studio, Thursday 25 April 2019, 7.30pm  

Smack That (a conversation) is a dance theatre piece about domestic abuse, survival and change. The all-female cast of 3 professional and 4 non-professional performers (participants) come together to tell their real stories of domestic abuse in a unique and empowering way.  
The project involved a series of intensive participatory workshops and interviews with female survivors of domestic abuse, organised by domestic abuse charity Safer Places and Harlow Playhouse. Smack That (a conversation) is the culmination of an extensive participatory and production period, which has led to the participants finding ways to perform their stories, consult on the creation and speak to the world about what needs to change. 
Smack That tackles the subject of domestic abuse and offers prevention tools; it provides audiences with an in-depth look at domestic abusive relationships, told from the perspective of the female survivors, raising awareness and creating a deeper understanding of domestic abuse. This is theatre, but also a resource.

More information about the show can be found on our website:
And more information about the show at Oxford Playhouse:

We would love to invite your staff and clients to see Smack That (a conversation). People who work in DA/women's centres have found the show a really innovative and interesting way of raising awareness and hearing often untold stories; People who have experienced or are currently experiencing abuse have found it really empowering to hear their stories/stories like theirs on stage.

“Felt like I was watching not a show, but my life. I cannot thank each of you enough, but I am still feeling the ripple effect. That ‘Never Have I Ever’ game woke me up to how bad things really WERE. And how good things are now. Words can’t express my gratitude" (Audience member, via Twitter)

“You are all amazing and the show is amazing, glad I was brave enough to attend. It helped me to heal just a little bit more” (Audience member, via Twitter)

“Tonight I saw ‘Smack That: A Conversation’ at the Barbican. It was incredible. A beautifully crafted piece of work that documents experiences of domestic abuse in the most raw way. Thanks for making me realise my experiences matter too. It’s honestly opened my mind so much to the realities of sexual and emotional abuse and the amount of domestic violence that goes on in this country. We fucking deserve better.” (Audience member, via Twitter)

Please could you share the show information with your staff team and clients (if appropriate)? 
I have attached an E-Flyer for e-mail sharing but please do let me know if you would like the information in a different format (we also have paper flyers which I could send to you). 

In order to support audiences, we have created a full package of audience support:

We engage the local DA service provider in every location the show tours to. We work with the local DA service in a couple of ways:

- During the show the audience opens 'party boxes' and inside is signposting information which they can take away with them- healthy relationship cards, NCDV cards and leaflets/cards from the local organisation. 

- We invite the local DA service to be present at the theatre after the show, for immediate signposting for any audience members that might need it. They have a stand outside the theatre where audiences can connect with members of staff and collect further information on the support available. 

There is also a counsellor present at every show, to provide support to the audience. The counsellor will be offering support and signposting; looking after anyone affected by the subject matter and signposting them onto further support/counselling if appropriate. They will not be offering counselling sessions as such, but creating a supported safe and calm environment for people to recover if they've been triggered by anything. 

Thanks so much for your help, and please do let me know if you have any questions at all. 

With best wishes,

Anna-Magdalena, Producing Assistant