Stay or go?


You may have decided to stay in the relationship for any number of reasons. You should take time to consider how you can best keep yourself and any children as safe as possible.

Keep ensuring any injuries you may have are recorded with someone you can trust such as a GP or a close friend.

Ensure you have photos of injuries if possible. These may prove useful in the future if things persist.

Find someone you can speak to because you may be so affected by the abuse that you cannot make an informed decision as to what you can do.

Remember you are not responsible for what someone else does, even if they insist that you are.


It is best to spend time researching your options and have prepared a plan to leave.

You should ensure you have gone through the survival kit and taken as much as you need.

Ensure somebody knows you are leaving and are safe and well.

If you haven’t already, contact a helpline about finding a refuge. They can advise you on what to do next and help keep you safe.

If you feel that you need to flee in an emergency contact the helpline who can assist getting you to somewhere safe where you can stay.