Survival kit

Help make yourself safe with a bag that should include:

  • a form of identification
  • marriage and birth certificates (originals or photocopies)
  • passports, visas and work permits
  • money, credit card and bank details
  • change of clothes for you and your children
  • toiletries
  • keys for house, car and place of work (you can get an extra set cut for your emergency bag)
  • child benefit and any other welfare benefits
  • driving licence and car registration documents if applicable
  • prescribed medication and any medical records you may have
  • any legal documents (especially showing jointly owned property, rental agreements or book, and details in relation to immigration status)
  • national insurance number and any other insurance documents
  • any documents relating to the abuse e.g. police reports, court injunctions,and restraining orders
  • address book and telephone numbers
  • small items of sentimental value
  • children’s toys.

If you are not able to keep and get original copies try to obtain photocopies instead. Keep them in a safe place such as with a friend, relative or hidden.