We are now a "Wonderful" charity

It's official at last — we are a wonderful organisation!

Well, we are at least now registered on the Wonderful website. Wonderful allow us to take online donations and retain all that you donate. As well, it allows people to create fundraising pages if they plan to shave their head or climb Everest and raise funds for us, also without fees.

We are now adopting Wonderful who are also a charity and funded to provide free fundraising platforms for other charities.

Just click through to the Wonderful site to learn more about donating to us. Using this pathway means we get all that is donated without paying fees or commission.

Donations help us continue to provide services and support to our networks as well as supporting us in new initiatives, such as modules for specific areas or a Champion Refresher module (which is in the pipeline). Donations also help us ensure that Champions of Domestic Abuse do not need to pay,  because they take on such an essential role in their agency. 

Boosting our funds helps us do more for less.