Why Dad killed Mum: My Family's Secret

This article stems from a BBC Three documentary Why Dad Killed Mum: My Family’s Secret which is available now on iPlayer. Tasnim Lowe is a child survivor of domestic abuse who investigates her mother and grandmother's deaths and highlights the ignorance at the time of Child Sexual Exploitation amongst agencies and indeed her community. 
Original story from BBC News (Extract below)

I was 16 months old when my dad, Azhar Ali Mehmood, killed my mum – but saved my life.

He wrapped me in a blanket, carried me out of the house and put me under an apple tree in the garden, away from the house fire that killed my mum Lucy, her unborn baby, my grandma Linda Lowe and my aunt Sarah. It was like he wanted to look after me – but he didn’t really look after me when he let my mum die.

It was my dad who started the fire at our house in Telford in Shropshire in August 2000.

The following year he was convicted of the triple murder. Growing up, my parents didn’t seem like people to me – they were just a story. So, in 2018, when I got the opportunity to make a documentary with BBC Three about my background, I took the chance. I wanted to delve deeper into why the arson attack happened, and find out more about my mum, and myself as well.