Working with East European Roma families to address safeguarding and child protection challenges more effectively

Central Conference Consultants
March 19, 2020
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Communities of East European Roma have settled in most cities and in many large towns in the UK, over the last 20 years. Roma families can present significant challenges to service providers, especially in the context of safeguarding and child protection. With a history of persecution and discrimination in their countries of origin, many Roma have a profound distrust of UK statutory services, and especially of social services. Concepts of parenting and safeguarding within Roma communities can differ significantly to those of the UK. Issues around neglect, linked to poverty as well as culture, remain the principal reason for social services intervention. There have been examples of disproportionate responses where Roma cases have been ‘fast-tracked’ to child protection measures, and where ‘evidence’ is misread, often due to language or cultural factors.
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