Domestic abuse in the news

Lebanese women are pushing for a serious stance on laws to protect them against domestic violence amid large discontent over an inadequate legal system. (New Arab Website)

At the forefront of Lebanon's protests, women push their demands for a serious stance on laws to protect them against domestic violence amid large discontent over an inadequate legal system falling short on women's rights

In the first week of December, dozens of female demonstrators marched through the streets of Beirut to protest against sexual harassment, rape and domestic violence. Women's groups and young activists performed Chile's viral anti-rape anthem "The rapist is you" in a flash mob.

This is a great article from a health professonal who is a survivor, wanting to break down the barriers between agencies- something we concentrate on too. (Nursing Times)

A nurse from Norwich, who experienced over a decade of domestic abuse, is urging healthcare professionals to have more conversations about the issue to help others in similar situations to come forward.

Kathryn Lake, 38, qualified last year and now works as a community mental health nurse at Julian Hospital at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust.

This is an important message from our friends at Against Violence & Abuse (AVA). They are aiming to produce online resources for children living with or having fled domestic abuse- watch the video linked into the article for more information. If you work with youngsters or families living with DA, then please complete their survey. (AVA Website)

We have been awarded a Tech vs Abuse grant which is jointly funded by Comic Relief, with Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and The Clothworkers Foundation. We are co-producing a digital product with young people who have experienced abuse. The product will be available to young people throughout the country to support them to recover from their experiences, help them rebuild their lives and address mental health issues. 

A rise in family conflict and hardship is behind the heightened pressure on child protection services, according to a new survey of councillors responsible for children's social care by the Local Government Association (LGA). LGA's report on children's social care budgets shows that Councils have seen a 53 per cent increase in children on child protection plans — an additional 18,160 children — in the past decade, while 88 children are now taken into care every day to keep them safe.

This article highlights an award winning UK initiative on FGM in educating those travelling to countries with a prevelance of FGM. This increase of awareness in aimed at warning those engaged in such practices. (HM Government)

A joint operation between police and Border Force has been highly commended at the World Class Policing Awards.

Operation Limelight focuses on raising awareness of forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM) at the border and safeguarding potential victims.

Sadly this story is not the first of its kind and probably not the last. This tale stems from an abuser from Scotland continuing his abuse upon a new partner when he moves to Skegness. (Sunday Post)

Andrew Highton was put in the dock after grabbing Michelle Cunningham around the throat and smashing up her home in Grangemouth.

But, despite having a string of previous convictions that included one for domestic abuse against Michelle, Highton walked free from court with just an admonishment.

After the slap in the wrists from a ­sheriff, Highton moved to England and earlier this year murdered his next partner, Linda Treeby.

There is a strong link between animal abuse and domestic abuse. We welcome any RSPCA staff onto our DA Champions’ Networks to ensure we can complement each other. (North Yorkshire Police)

20 RSPCA Inspectors recently took part in training coordinated by North Yorkshire Police to help them spot the signs of domestic abuse and know how to report it.

The training is the first of its kind and was delivered in partnership between North Yorkshire Police, Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS), Victim Support North Yorkshire and the RSPCA. Officers from North Yorkshire Police’s Rural Taskforce helped to set up the training day which was opened to RSPCA Inspectors across the North of England.

North Yorkshire Police Inspector, Jon Grainge said:

This issue is a common concern for those working in domestic abuse services and managing risk of serious harm. In November, the Home Office announced that it will consider updating the reforms made in 2017 that limited the length of pre-charge bail to 28 days and introduced the current Released Under Investigation (‘RUI’) arrangements. Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that she intends to review the legislation ‘to ensure we have a system which more effectively prioritises the safety of victims and witnesses and the management of suspects’. (BBC News)

More than 93,000 suspected violent criminals and sex offenders have been released without restrictions by police in England and Wales since 2017, figures obtained by BBC Newsnight show.

People suspected of offences including rape and murder have been among those "Released Under Investigation" (RUI).

Richard Miller of the Law Society said a "major scandal" was brewing over the way RUIs are being used.

The Home Office said the cases must be regularly reviewed and managed.

This case was recently in the headlines after the convicion. Reporting of the case highlights that prior to the attack, the offender had told a friend that he knew he was going to do something stupid, as the relationship between him and Amy had grown fraught. (BBC News)

A man who beat his fiancée to death when he was "unwilling to accept" her decision to leave him amid a row over his cross-dressing has been jailed.

Roderick Deakin-White used a metal bar to launch a "savage" attack on Amy Parsons while she was showering at their Whitechapel flat in April.

He was convicted of murder and sentenced to a minimum of 17 years.

Ms Parsons' sister Eve said the term "does not do her justice" and the family would appeal.

The Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Enhanced Dataset (SCCI 2026) supports the Department of Health and Social Care’s FGM Prevention Programme by presenting a national picture of the prevalence of FGM in the NHS in England. Key findings: