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Women's Aid have today published their report 'A Perfect Storm: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on domestic abuse survivors and the services supporting them'.

The report identifies the impact Covid-19 has had on those living with domestic abuse, and how this has worsened over lockdown. It also discusses the longer term impact, where service providers expect to see an increase in the demand across services in the coming months. 

Our good friend (and an amazing DA Champ too) Kerry has a message regarding ADAS services in Bucks

In the light of the current situation we are unable to run support groups face to face. However, this has not stopped us offering support to those who would benefit from it, and we have adapted our Managing Emotions Group for survivors of domestic abuse to run online. It is a weekly 2 hour group and runs for 12 weeks. We are completing our first group next week and are halfway through our second group and are getting some positive feedback from participants.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) has recently launched a campaign to help identify those within their ranks that may prey on others. The vast majority of police officers do sterling work and want to help those less fortunate or in crisis. This campaign looks at those few who have their own agenda.

Their campaign video explains what they are aiming to manage:


Many thanks to Jason, our Chief Champ in Torbay for sending us this:

Drive is offering support and guidance for professionals working with high-harm, high-risk perpetrators of domestic abuse during COVID-19 and beyond.

West Berkshire have recently published their Domestic Abuse Strategy 2020-2023.

The document identifies the three main aims for the borough:

Here is an appeal from the Children First Project with a link to the survey:

Join our OAC Web Cafe!

Safe Spaces For Difficult Conversations To Empower Women and Girls

We have now been running our web cafe for 4 weeks and would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has participated in the sessions so far, including our fantastic guest speakers.

With the amazing success and fantastic feedback of our recent webinars, this next one is no exception!

Reducing attrition in domestic abuse cases

It discusses the high rate of attrition with domestic abuse cases following the criminal justice pathway. Of all prosecutions in the UK, domestic abuse cases fail mostly because the victims pull their support. There are many reasons why this happens but the fact is it means that justice cannot be done and matters can simply repeat, risk can escalate or abuses continue.

We have yet another break from dismal lockdown and hear again from our good friend and DA Champ, Amanda (Panda) Phelan,

Hello from PACT,

This week I deliver news and tips for our ‘New Normal’ and some Coronacoaster summer holiday support!

Here is a message to all our Champs in Bucks from Buckinghamshire Council:

We are reaching out to you to kindly ask for your support in the promotion of the latest Buckinghamshire Council’s Public Health Coronavirus Health & Wellbeing Survey.