News from RtR

Many people often ask how we prove the effectiveness of multi agency training and the value of holding a network of thousands of Domestic Abuse Champions.

Our trustees decided that this needed valuation and called on an experienced independent researcher to conduct a study of our Champions  and their networks.

Here is a message for all our Champs in West Berks from the new lead in that area. RtR staff recently had the pleasure of meeting Jade. We wish her well in this important role and warmly welcome her to her local network of passionate Champions and trainers:

Hello DA Champions.

Having just received news from our good friends at Action on Elder Abuse, we wanted to share some with our readers:

Be there for a vulnerable older person who needs someone.

There are lots of ways to volunteer with us. You could listen to people needing support on our helpline, help update local social media, help out at events, help with admin or many other options.

BRAVE Group – Bracknell Starting January 2020

Are you working with an individual who has been a victim of domestic abuse and would benefit from support for their emotional well-being?

The Brave project provides therapeutic support to victims of domestic abuse with additional emotional or psychological difficulties in East Berkshire. We are now taking referrals for the group starting in January.

We were very grateful to one of our Champions (thanks Panda) for bringing this website to our attention. Basically it recommends apps to spy on your partner. We all need to get savvy about this technology and what is available to perpetrators of coercive control, as well as other types of abuses.

Alert! Girls from FGM-affected communities are at highest risk of cutting during long school holidays!

Our good friends and Champions at ADAS (A2 Dominion DA Services) that cover West Berks and Oxfordshire wanted us to pass on a message to DA Champs in these areas:

Please find the new and updated REFERRAL FORM TO ADAS which has been designed to ensure it is easier to complete.

The World Health organisation have just released their new framework aimed at policymakers around domestic abuse.

Violence against women is a major public health problem rooted in gender inequality, and is a gross violation of women’s human rights affecting the lives and health of millions of women and girls. Aiming to end violence against women, a package/framework with infographics on prevention of violence against women - RESPECT – Preventing violence against women: A framework for policymakers, was developed, based on the UN framework for action to prevent violence against women from 2015 and updated new evidence.

With Advent just around the corner, I have pulled out an old favourite, from the Sara Charlton Foundation, to highlight the plight of those living with domestic abuse over the season of goodwill.

Please watch the following video and share with colleagues if you are training anyone in DA in the next few weeks; it strikes to the core of the issue, the children living in that arena at a time when everyone else is enjoying festivities.

With our next bulletin about to go out we would like to wish all our Champions, supporters, local DA leads and coordinators, and of course everyone wanting to reduce the risk of DA, a very peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

With a general election looming in December, we thought we should check out the main parties to see what they can specifically offer families living with domestic abuse, regardless of their plans with Brexit.

We ask that if anyone knocks on your door for a vote, ask them a few questions:

  • What, with austerity cuts often depriving those most in need, can they offer vulnerable groups or people such as those suffering with domestic abuse?
  • How can they improve the number of refuges, perpetrator programmes or support services for children living with DA?
  • Do they know about DA Champions and do they have one in their local office?
  • Does their party have a policy for staff that suffer from DA?

We also looked for anything that may provide better services or support for practitioners who come across domestic abuse on a regular basis.