News from RtR

The following was forwarded by Jason, Chief Champ in our fast growing Torbay network:

The Devon Clinic is delighted to announce that they have been awarded funding to continue their 'single parent's stress relief' package. 

Our very own Michelle was interviewed again this week on the local radio station. They wanted to promote the play we are supporting which is touring the county to spread awareness of domestic abuse. The interview is available here and is at the 9th minute into the programme with Kat Orman. 

If you fancy catching the play- here is a trailer:

Recent twists and turns within the Houses of Parliament and Supreme Court have meant the DA Bill has stopped processing through legislative steps.

The Domestic Abuse Bill, introduced with cross-party support by Theresa May's government in July, promised a number of things for those of us working in domestic abuse. Boris Johnson, amidst all the confusion and debate around the poroguing of parliament has agreed the bill will be reintroduced in the next parliament - and will be raised in the Queen's Speech.

Here is a message from Louise at Dog's Trust- Louise is just waiting to join our networks.

At the Dogs Trust Freedom Project, we are currently celebrating our 15 year anniversary.

We set up the service in 2004 to help people fleeing domestic abuse by providing somewhere safe for their pet to stay until they can be safely reunited. We are very pleased to announce that we have now extended our Greater London and Home Counties service to cover Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Bedfordshire. As part of this we have also put together a new video to promote our service and raise awareness. I would be very grateful if you could share this video on your social media pages.

"That's Oxfordshire" TV have recently been publicising Happily Even After which is a drama being delivered across the county. They wanted to also interview us about the increasing number of deaths from recently released statistics.

Here is our own Michelle, discussing the rise and how we feel the networks we run of DA Champions, need to expand into the workplace:



One of our longer standing DA Champs at Cottsway Housing (Shaz) in West Oxfordshire, wanted to share news of an initiative with the Chartered Institute of Housing:

Cottsway Housing has signed up to the national Make a Stand campaign to help tackle domestic abuse.

September 10th is the global Suicide Prevention Day. We felt it prudent to highlight the link between suicide and domestic abuse.

We also know our Patron Frank Mullane, founder of AAFDA, is keen to include suicide cases where DA has been identified, into domestic homicide reviews. At present it is only a crime to assist someone to commit suicide, yet not in pushing or coercing them towards committing it.

Here is a message from our good friends at Human Story Theatre. We are collaborating with them in their touring production of Happily Even After. More details of the shows are on the link below:

Oxford-based Human Story Theatre (HST) takes an up-close look at domestic abuse in the company’s latest play, Happy Even After, touring the city and Oxfordshire in October. The actors go behind closed doors in their intimate style to bear witness to the joy and eventual carnage of two couples’ relationships. 

The performance is part of what critics have called the company’s innovative, ‘compelling’ and ‘excellently acted’ work taking health and social care stories into communities to encourage audiences to share their experiences with visiting experts. 

Below is a message from Anita at BCC- for all our Bucks DA Champions to disseminate:

I have been asked to circulate the attached DA Referral Pathway to DA Champions. 

One of our trusty IDVAs has noticed a flaw with Hollieguard. The issue: If Hollieguard is set up on a phone with a contact that has their phone set to silent, they will not hear the alert if triggered. This has some serious ramifications as many of us switch off the ringer and may not consider someone needing us urgently.

I did contact our friends at the Hollie Gazzard Trust who provide this free safety phone app. They accept this is an issue they are looking into. We thought it prudent to advise any of our readers about the potential harm and how to remedy the problem.

Our IDVA team has identified one solution for iPhones.