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Practitioners working with high-harm, high-risk and complex-need perpetrators can access expert advice via a dedicated webchat facility.

This new service will be available every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am-12pm and 2-4pm for 6 months, starting on Thursday 28 May.

A Practice Advisor from the Drive Project will give practitioners information and advice by exploring the presenting issues which require resolving.  

Our old friend and Champ Trainer Amanda (Panda) Phelan in West Berks has been considering life again with a few really positive ideas and useful tips for anyone coping with youngsters in lockdown:

Challenges are what make life interesting.  Overcoming them is what makes them meaningful.

Here is the latest Oxfordshire County update from the strategic lead for domestic abuse (and DA Champion) Sarah Carter.

Here is a message from one of our DA Champ Trainers in Slough, thanks for this Cole,

Dear All

I do hope you are keeping safe and well.  

As you will be aware, risks around abuse have increased due to the COVID-19 lockdown measures. This includes Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse and Adult/Elder Abuse.

Here is news of a new campaign from Thames Valley Police. Any children are open to online grooming, although those living with domestic abuse are likely to resort to internet contacts for company and may therefore be more susceptible. Here is what this important campaign says:

Click to linkWith COVID19 lockdown, many more of us are resorting to Click & Collect for our groceries.

There is, however, a simply way you can continue to shop online and earn a bonus that comes to us as a donation. This can be done with your current food supplier and you pay just the same prices.

One of our Champion trainers in West Berks, Sharon Briggs, has now moved to Safe (so she will be training again soon). We asked how the move had gone:

‘Moving jobs in this current COVID climate has certainly been more of a challenge then the normal transitioning into a new role, but it has been a good move.

Our good friends at SEA have a message for all of us about some of what they have been developing:

Today sees the launch of a new campaign at OAC. Here are a few words from our old friend and Champion, Kate, their CEO:

West Berkshire Council have raised the issue of domestic abuse in their area with a video from our Chief Champ for the area and flyers.

The following is taken from the West Berks Homepage: