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We often try to enable our readers to help us raise funds and with Christmas looming and Cyber Monday deals still in the air- here is a simple one for Amazon shoppers.

It is that time of year again — our annual survey of domestic abuse Champions across the Thames Valley, Havering and this year Torbay Champs too.

The survey invitations will be finding their way into your inboxes, whether you are trained as a Champion, partly trained or simply waiting for a convenient date. We need to know your views on what is happening in your local areas, so please find the time to respond   — it will take about 15 mins.

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The following dance routine on France's X factor is extremely impactive and makes such a clear reference to intimate partner abuse or a Dakota calls in "Violence Conjugale" including the awful puppetry of coercive control. See what you think but we applaud Dakota and Nadia- they really have the X factor:


This is a message from two young men, Luke and his brother Ryan, who sadly live with the murders of their mother and sister. They were shot by their father Lance as they attended a sports centre together in 2016.  The local Coroner said at the time, "It was a single barrel shotgun, so it was not a question of him just shooting his wife, he then had to unload it, put another cartridge in and shoot it again...In my view, this was a cold, calculated, scheming man who went out and deliberately murdered his wife and daughter".

To all of our Domestic Abuse Champions, both trained and waiting for training

The 2018 annual survey will soon be appearing in your inbox. Please take the time to go through it — it should take around 15 minutes of your time. This is so important for us to collate information and feed it through to those who fund our networks, your local strategists. They need to hear from their practitioners what is working well but also what isn't and you can tell them where improvements can be made. This is a unique opportunity for them to hear from you. 

Evaluation of the impact and implementation of the Domestic Abuse Champions Network

What is the research about?

Reducing the Risk have commissioned a researcher (Amanda Bunn) to carry out an evaluation of the Domestic Abuse Champions Network.

The main aims of the evaluation are:

  • To understand the impact the Champion Network has upon individuals (Champions and victims of DA), services and local authorities.

What we experience as children will inform us as adults, or, as Wordsworth said, "The child is the father of the man". We discovered this very useful and informative video online which explains the negative effects of Adverse Childhhod Experiences.

Dear all, please can you distribute and consider suitable clients,

November 25th every year marks the United Nations day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

This year, West Berks' Building Communities Together Team are joining the campaign to celebrate the strength and support of women in local West Berkshire communities and organisations.