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A Message from SAFEcic

Panda from PACT (Bounce Back for Kids) is at it again with some more great ideas and creative suggestions for youngsters in isolation.

Click on the logo to see more editions and if you do find it useful for yourself or others  please do let her know:

Dear Champions of DA,

Frank Mullane is a patron of ours and also CEO of AAFDA, here is a message from his team about AAFDA under current restrictions:

We are, sadly, seeing an increase in the level of fatal domestic abuse during this really difficult time. If you are working with a family or the friend of a family who has suffered the tragic loss of a loved one following domestic abuse, please do get in touch.

We recently heard from our Chief Champ in Torbay about some training he attended locally. Jason said he had found their video really informative and straight talking in what it says.

We contacted CRAFT Training & Development and discovered they hold very similar values to us.

They promote critcal reflective practice for professionals (and agencies) and ensure that practitioners understand how difficult it is for victims to engage. Here is an excerpt from their website:

We wanted to start spreading good news by asking Champs about anything positive that they could share, here is one Champion's wonderful response. We want to thank Mandy for sharing her experience and welcome anything similar:


Being a Champion and attending the training gave me a fantastic insight into the area of domestic violence and the issues and danger faced by many.

We are regularly asked how people can make donations and, with the impending closure of, we have had to find a new one.We are therefore welcoming an expansion of our online shopping donation provider Give as you Live.

Here is some good news amidst all the gloom. It comes from Amanda (Panda) Phelan one of our great DA Champ Trainers in West Berks. Parents And Children Together do an amazing job with young children. Just click the title link to find her first news from PACT with some great suggestions for isolated kids:

Dear Readers,

We hope you're all keeping well during these challenging times. Our thoughts are with everyone, including those working around the clock to continue to provide essential services for our community. Thank you. 

The current restrictions are a terrible strain on many people and we are all learning how to adapt.

Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse is no different. Our lovely IDVA team are still being kept busy and striving to support their clients in whatever way they safely can.

As a charity we obviously had to cancel our training until further notice and we apologise to those of you reading this that just missed out. 

We are all having to cope with such changes to work and home life balance and it is difficult for everyone. We cannot though forget that this must be especially hard for those living with domestic abuse and we do need to consider how we can best support them.